1979 Gold Coast Packing, Inc. founded as a western vegetable and strawberry Grower/Shipper

1989 Value-Added Division launched to meet rapidly growing needs of consumers

1991 Ready to use cilantro developed for food manufacturers. 4x1 lb. cilantro developed and is a staple in the Foodservice Industry to this day. Gold Coast Packing, Inc. becomes sole provider of value-added cilantro nationwide for Fortune 100 Restaurant company

1992 Broccoli and Cauliflower fresh-cut lines developed. Spinach "Triple Wash" and process line developed

1995 With the influx of positive growth and consumer demands, our facility was soon to be outgrown

1997 In the spring we moved into our current facility on West Boone St. in Santa Maria, CA

1998 Gold Coast Packing, Inc. pioneers the value-added green onion program Gold Coast Packing, Inc. introduces the "Timesaver" broccoli and cauliflower packs designed to help regional processors minimize the costs involved with processing these products themselves

2000 Gold Coast Packing, Inc. becomes partner in FreshKist, a newly formed large scale western vegetable grower/shipper in Santa Maria and Salinas

2007 A year of sales growth, product development, equipment engineering and beginning stages of the plan for a new facility

2009 Planning for a new Gold Coast Packing processing facility.


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